Monday, May 20, 2013

This Week in Food

It is time once again for a recap of the week's 'eatery and drinkery' openings, courtesy of LA Eater:

Monday: A Sherman Oaks shopping center, located at Ventura and Hazletine will soon feature expansions of BOTH Mendocino Farms, and Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks.

Tuesday: Having finished work on Chego's, Entrepreneur/Chef/God Roy Choi has begun concentrating his efforts on The Line, a fancy new bar and restaurant at Wilshire and Normandie.  Meanwhile, at Ventura and Noble, Blue Jam Cafe celebrated the opening of its first extension.

Wednesday: A wonderful new vegan eatery, going by the name of Dr. J's Vibrant Cafe, will soon open on the corner of 4th and Main, in the heart of the old bank district.  The all organic menu will feature gluten free items as well.  In other news, a somewhat mysterious eatery named Roadside is slated to open this fall at the Dome Theater on Sunset and Vine.  Also, it appears that La Brea will soon see yet another bakery in the form of Twist, located near 4th.

Thursday: The Lucky Tiki, a newly announced bar and restaurant, will soon open its doors at Venice and Overland.

Friday: It appears that salad champion Tender Greens will soon open new expansions in both Marina Del Rey and Westwood.  Also, Eaglerock's Four Cafe is prepping an expansion for the recently vacated Black Cat Bakery space on Fairfax, near 6th.

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