Culture and Art

Hollywood High Rise, Mid City Museum
7/26/2013 - According to Curbed, the team behind the newly approved Hollywood Millennium Project, located on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, have published a rendering of what appears to be the project's final design.  In other news, the new owners of the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple on Wilshire and Lucerne, have announced plans to convert the temple into a semi public art museum.

Art Library
7/25/2013 - According to the Downtown News, Dan McCleary, local artist and founder of Art Division, a non profit, will open a new art library on the corner of 6th and Carondelet.  The library will feature roughly 5,000 art books, and is meant to inspire and encourage fledgling artists.

Art Much?
7/5/2013 - It appears that the city is getting in touch with its artistic side; Blogdowntown reports that the city's DoArt Foundation, in collaboration with the Make Art Public Group, intends to install up to 100 new public benches around town, all of which will feature work by local artists.  In other news, Metro will soon exhibit several curated art exhibits at three downtown metro stations.  Head over to the Downtown News for more information.

Open Air Art
6/28/2013 - That small wedge of land known as Bloom Square, sandwiched between Rose, Traction, and 2nd Street in the Arts District, has most recently acted as a standing out door exhibit of sorts, showcasing various 'pieces'.  According to the Downtown News, The Southern California Institute of Architecture, located only a couple doors down the street, will showcase a new piece by the name of Earthwave on the site starting this afternoon.  The piece will be on display until December.

El Pueblo Nuevo
6/20/2013 - LA's birthplace, El Pueblo, will soon receive several major upgrades.  Curbed reports that a community plan has been approved by the neighborhood board of commissioners that will include transforming the Italian House into an Italian/American museum, renovating the Merced Theater, construction of a new exhibit space displaying historical artifacts, updated public restrooms, and free WiFi.

Church and Sea
6/18/2013 - The Port of Los Angeles will soon see one of its docks transformed into a 28 acre research campus that will house the Southern California Marine Institute.  According to Curbed, the $500 Million Dollar Project, affectionately dubbed 'AltaSea, should take some 15 - 20 years to complete.  In other news, the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council heard a proposal over the weekend for the construction of a massive 85,000 square foot church at the corner of Verdant and Alger.  Head over to the Eastsider for more information.

Museum and Metro
5/1/2013 - The Times reports today that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art will receive a $690 million dollar remodel to its Wilshire Campus, designed by famed architect Peter Zumthor.  A timeline is still being worked out, and will probably be revealed when the news is 'officially' announced next month.  Additionally, Metro's website, The Source, has published models for the proposed alternative designs to Union Station.  It is anticipated that one of the alternatives, or at least a modification thereto, will be selected to upgrade the existing station.

MOCA to Remain Independent?
3/13/2013 - Less than a week after it was announced that both the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the University of Southern California were in talks to purchase the struggling Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, news has emerged that leading MOCA board member and donor Eli Broad has initiated partnership talks with D.C.'s National Gallery of Art.  While the proposed union would not provide direct financial support to MOCA, it would allow for resource sharing between the museums that would, in turn, have the effect of increasing revenues, thereby securing MOCA's independence.

Auto Museum to Receive Major Overhaul
2/25/2013 - On January 11th, Peter Mullin, a prolific businessman, philanthropist, and art enthusiast was named as the Chairman of the Petersen Automotive Museum, located near the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax.  After a little more than a month in his position, Mr. Mullin has announced a $35 - $40 million dollar plan to fully renovate the exterior of the museum, and drastically enhance its current collection.  The OC Register reports that it is anticipated that the changes will be implemented over the course of the coming year, and that Mr. Mullin is confident that he will be able to raise sufficient funding for the project from private donors.  Mullin is no stranger to automotive museums--he currently operates his own in Oxnard--and so his ambition and tenacity come as no surprise.  Here's wishing him success.

Showcasing Past Dreams of Future L.A.
2/4/2013 - In early December, Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin, prominent figures in both local and national architecture scenes, launched a kick starter project in support of their brain child, 'Never Built', a collection of "words, drawings, models, videos, and other media the show [sic] looks at visionary works that had the greatest potential to reshape the city ..." but, unfortunately, never saw the light of development.  The focus and purpose of the exhibition is to demonstrate the potential scope of architectural vision, with an eye towards inspiring similar imagination and creativity within its visitors; "Never Built sets the stage for a renewed interest in visionary projects in Los Angeles and dares the city to dream big again."  The project is still $7,000 away from reaching its goal.  If you have the means, and haven't done so already, please visit the Never Built kick starter page and contribute.