Monday, February 4, 2013

Showcasing Past Dreams of Future L.A.

In early December, Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin, prominent figures in both local and national architecture scenes, launched a kick starter project in support of their brain child, 'Never Built', a collection of "words, drawings, models, videos, and other media the show [sic] looks at visionary works that had the greatest potential to reshape the city ..." but, unfortunately, never saw the light of development.  The focus and purpose of the exhibition, which will make its debut at the A+D Museum, is to demonstrate the potential scope of architectural vision, with an eye towards inspiring similar imagination and creativity within its visitors; "Never Built sets the stage for a renewed interest in visionary projects in Los Angeles and dares the city to dream big again."  The project is still $7,000 away from reaching its goal.  If you have the means, and haven't done so already, please visit the Never Built kick starter page and contribute.  

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